How to manage a fight between two dogs?

Attending a fight between dogs is not trivial. When 2 dogs fight, one can be frightened by such a spectacle, especially when one of them is his. How to handle this kind of situation?

    We are at the same time terrified by such an outburst of violence, disturbed because we do not know how to stop it, frightened by fear of the consequences (injuries, etc.) and disoriented.

    Nevertheless, one must know how to keep his cool to react effectively and stop the confrontation. But before that, it is important to know why 2 dogs can be confronted in such a brutal, sometimes bloody way.

Understanding dog conflicts and their causes:

    Several factors help to trigger a fight between dogs: fighting for food, a toy, challenging the place of the other, the feeling of being endangered, and so on. But there are deeper causes, going back to the early stages of the animal’s life and education.

    Inadequate or poor socialization is, to a large extent, involved in developing aggressive behavior in dogs. Retired too soon to his mother and siblings, he did not have time to learn to interact with others, to understand that jostling or nibbling is not tolerated by others.

    An education of poor quality, which did not allow him to know the limits not to be exceeded, combined with abuse.

    He knows how to exchange with those around him only by aggressive acts, whether congeners, other animals or humans.

    That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the puppy spends a lot of time with his biological family, then has the opportunity to meet other dogs, other species, as well as humans of all ages.

    Thus, he will be less quick to use his fangs at the slightest alert. Keep in mind that it is better to meet less, but always of very good quality, than too many uncertain, brutal and incoherent encounters.

Can you avoid the fight?

    In some cases, the fight is primarily seen as a kind of game by the two protagonists. Especially since in the vast majority of cases, fights do not lead to any injuries. The case of a dog with behavioral problems is of course apart.

    A fight is sometimes predictable. There is still more or less the same ritual between 2 dogs fighting each other.

• A first so-called threat phase. Dogs range from far away. Everyone defends his position. If one of them gives in, then there will be nothing more.

• A second phase called aggression. The two dogs physically attack one another.

• A third and last so-called appeasement phase. It is not uncommon to see a dog lick the muzzle of the other once the fight is over.

    In case you feel a tension go up, separate the 2 dogs upstream. Thus, you will avoid any conflict that, potentially, can escalate.

   In the case where an object, a food, is the source of the conflict. Remove it from the sight of the 2 dogs.

   In any case, it is important to be serene in front of your dog. This will calm your animal.

Tips to stop the fight:

   The very first advice to follow in case of fighting between dogs is not to panic and keep calm.

    Obviously, it’s easier said than done when you’re in a real situation, facing 2 dogs totally out of control and only thinking of getting rid of each other.   

   However, it is only by being as calm as possible that we can avoid aggravating the situation. Shouting wrongly will not help, on the contrary. Addressing a firm and audible “stop” or “stop” to your dog can, in some cases, prove effective, but it is uncommon, even if the animal is very well trained.

    There is, then, a mistake not to commit: to put between the 2 dogs anything that comes within range of his mouth is likely to receive a violent blow of fangs, hands and legs included.

    The best way to stop the fight is that each master pulls his dog by the hind legs in a circular manner.

   If the confrontation takes place at home, the best thing to do is to throw a blanket on the 2 dogs. This will blind and disorient them.

    Finally, the water projected on dogs is another great way to stop the fight. You still need to have a bucket or hose handy when it bursts.

    Last thing, after a fight, think about what happened. This will be the best way to avoid another fight because it allows to work upstream.

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