Having a pet in an apartment: Good or bad idea?

I lived in an apartment without a balcony for a very long time, without having even a small garden. However, I had a dog. Should I abandon him because life was pushing me to live in an apartment?  No certainly not. 

The first days after adopting your adorable puppy are full of joy and play. Soon after, your house becomes messy and starts smelling terrible.

Dogs don’t ask to live with us, they do not choose their family. Their life is the result of our own choice.

We have to be responsible for their lives, as much as we can.

Dog’s Needs:

To understand if a dog can live in an apartment, you should know everything about the needs of its species, but also be knowledgeable about the needs that will vary from one individual to another.

Regardless of his nutrition, There are four principal needs that are often not respected. Here they are:

  • Your dog needs security: he needs to know that where he lives, he can always be safe no matter what happens. The link, he built and forges with his master is very important, that will help the dog to feel comfortable in his own family.
  • Your dog’s physical needs: moving from one place to another will vary depending on the dog. it is a genetic predisposition which would have specific needs. The personality of your dog also comes into account. Does he like to move? Or instead, remain more “cushy”. He needs to have freedom of movement, that’s why a garden is often the best place for a dog.
  • Your dog’s mental health needs: coupled with physical activity, the mental activity of the dog is too often underestimated. The dog is an intelligent species that needs to be stimulated mentally. It greatly helps to maintain the balance of the dog. Among these mental needs, there will be olfactory needs. The dog lives in a world of smell. He must be able to explore his neighborhood and the world through his nose. Being able to feel new smells, new environments, new humans and new dogs.
  • Your dog has social needs: as every human being needs to talk or to other humans, the dog will need to be in contact with humans and dogs, because it is a social being. Allowing your dog to make good meetings and friendships all throughout his life, will avoid you any kind of bad behavior and aggression problems.

Can you satisfy these needs in an apartment?

• Security Needs: no need to be hard on your dog. Being kind to him on a daily basis is the only method that will help your dog to feel safe. Being cruel doesn’t help, your dog will think that you are mean and he’ll feel oppressed.

• Physical needs: walk your dog as much as possible! Give him time! Don’t let him inside all day alone, waiting at the apartment without ever do anything. If you can’t do it, someone else can do it for you. Call family, friends or even a Pet sitter. Do a regular sport activity with him. Have fun lots of dog sports exist.

couple walking with a dog
romantic walk with dog 
couple goals

• Mental health needs: give him something to do in your absence! Buy him some toys. Make him a sniffing carpet or hide him a few treats in the apartment, changing places is fun for your dog.

• Social needs: when you take your dog outdoors, take him to see his friends. Go to a dog park for fun, let him expresses and communicates with his own species, your dog can work on his sociability on his own.

Having a dog requires a great responsibility, that you’ll need to live in an apartment or in a house with a garden.

Dogs should always have their needs satisfied. So living in an garden often fills their needs compared to those living in an apartment. The important thing is to have time to spend with your dog and be ready to assume it.

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